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CORAYVAC Low-Intensity, Infrared Heating System

CORAYVAC Classic SF For Speciality Fuel Repair Facilities

ULTRAVAC Controls for Modulating the CORAYVAC Infrared Heating System

SYSTEM CONTROL Control for the CORAYVAC® Infrared Heating System

Pumps for CORAYVAC Low-Intensity, Infrared Heating System

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Installation Code and Annual Inspections:
All installations and service of ROBERTS GORDON ® equipment must be performed by a contractor qualified in the installation and service of equipment sold and supplied by Roberts-Gordon LLC and conform to all requirements set forth in the ROBERTS GORDON ® manuals and all applicable governmental authorities pertaining to the installation, service, operation and labeling of the equipment. To help facilitate optimum performance and safety, Roberts-Gordon LLC recommends that a qualified contractor conduct, at a minimum, annual inspections of your ROBERTS GORDON ® equipment and perform service where necessary, using only replacement parts sold and supplied by Roberts-Gordon LLC.

Further Information:
Applications, engineering and detailed guidance on systems design, installation and equipment performance is available through ROBERTS GORDON ® representatives. Please contact us for any further information you may require, including the Installation, Operation and Service Manual.

These products are not for residential use.

This website is intended to assist licensed professionals in the exercise of their professional judgment.

With our high quality gas-fired, low-intensity, infrared heating products Roberts-Gordon can address many heating needs. Additional product selection includes: make up air units, direct-fired systems, indirect-fired systems, roof top units, air turnover units, warm air (forced air) unit heaters and low-intensity radiant heaters (a.k.a. tube, stick, unitary heaters).

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